Friday, May 6 – Saturday, May 7, 2005
Edison-Höfe, Zugang: Invalidenstraße 116-118 oder Schlegelstraße 26, 10115 Berlin

DESIGNMAI Symposium –
Blueprints of Tomorrow

Since time immemorial people have drawn on their creativity, intel- ligence and persistence to overcome the barriers nature or cultural backgrounds have imposed on them. Indeed, today the desire to design does not even stop at the basic elements of life. Visions become blueprints capable of optimizing or even re-designing the environ- ment. Increasingly, things that were once considered sacrosanct are falling within the ambit of design. Designers make it their job to create entire lifestyle models. More than ever before they are exploring ways in which they and their profession can help shape the rapid changes society faces. The DESIGNMAI Symposium “Blueprints of Tomorrow” seeks to investigate what opportunities, risks and responsibilities exist for designers who seek to influence future trends. Discussions will be centered around the following three focal points:
Designing Life, Designing the Enviroment, Designing People.

Special guest: JENNIFER LEONARD (CA)
Leonard is a Toronto based designer, journalist, curator and radio broadcaster. She worked for Bruce Mau Design and the Institute without Boundaries and was one of the key participants of the project “Massive Change: The Future of Global Design”.

May 6, 2005

May 7, 2005